kids smurfs costumes

Kids Smurfs Costumes

If you have been looking for a Smurfs Halloween costume this year, you may have noticed that they are hard to find. This is probably due to the fact that the Smurfs cartoon is no longer appearing on television and most young children don't even know who the Smurfs are. But for those of us that grew up in the eighties, we remember the popular cartoon very well. After all, who could forgot those plump and lovable little blue and white creatures who lived under the toad stools? There was Papa Smurf who was the head of the clan and the sweet and lovely Smurfette who had an alluring and enchanting spell over all of the young male Smurfs. It was a great cartoon in it's day.

Today though, kids seem more and more interested in sophisticated shows with cutting edge graphics and more mature story lines. Cartoons like Bakugan, Star Wars the Clone Wars and Pokemon are taking over television sets in family living rooms and they are also the more popular costume choices among youngsters these days. So if you aren't willing to budge on dressing up like a Smurf this Halloween, you are most likely left with the option of making a costume yourself.

kids smurfs costumes - This wouldn't be too difficult - you simply need to find as many blue clothing items as you can find including tights and a top and paint your face entirely in blue make-up. Then of course, you would need a white felt hat to top off your homemade Smurf costume.


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